Ask most guys who were teenagers in the mid 70′s to early 80′s and a smile creeps upon their faces as they recall their self-conscious years when they were fanatical about detail, obsessed with music and fashion and trying to make the cut in the playground.

In 1920 Farah first began producing clothing in El Paso, Texas. Then in the 1970s the Farah Slack was brought to Britain.

At a time when the media was transfixed with the emergence of Punk, the Farah Slack was assimilated by British youth culture when a whole generation of young men – from mods and skins to the Jamaican ‘Stickmen’ – created regional fashion trends. Dressed in smart-casual clothing, the look spread and became firmly entwined within The Casual Scene, based on the Mods notion of secrecy and elitism.

Farah Vintage now offers a fine collection of simple, smart, casual clothing including shirts, knitwear, jackets, polo shirts and slacks and is again a label to be seen in by the young trendy dressers who like to think they’re on the ball in the clothing game. So if you’re an old mod, skin or casual or just a modern day boy about town Farah Vintage clothing is a must for you.

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